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Class Counsel recently reached a tentative settlement with Del Webb Communities, Inc. and Del Webb’s Coventry of Nevada, Inc. (“Del Webb”) with a total value to subclass members of approximately $27,600,000. This is a partial settlement and will not provide enough by itself to re-plumb homes. This settlement must still be approved by the Court and by the Class, which will take several months. The settlement may be appealed by other defendants in the case, which may substantially delay Class Counsel’s ability to use these funds for repairs. If the Court approves this Del Webb settlement and the Ipex settlement (see below), and after all appeals are resolved for each settlement, the funds will be combined to help pay for the cost of re-plumbing the Del Webb homes included in this subclass. For more information regarding this settlement and how it may affect your rights, please read the Notice of Preliminary Approval of Settlement and Fairness Hearing document in the Updates section of this website and/or contact our office at the telephone number provided below.

  • FAIRNESS HEARING UPDATE: After holding the final fairness hearing on April 3, 2009, the Court approved the settlement with Del Webb. However, this money will not be available for use by the class members until all appeals to the Del Webb settlement, if any, are resolved. Additionally, the settlement with Del Webb is a partial settlement and does not include enough money to begin re-plumbing homes without the Ipex settlement funds (see below). The Ipex settlement funds will not be available for use by the class members until all appeals are resolved.