Lawsuit Info

Updates from Class Counsel to Kitec Class Members: (PDF Format)

In an effort to better communicate with Kitec class members, Class Counsel will periodically post updates in this section of the website. Class Counsel has discontinued using the Kitec Class Member email list, but will continue to post important information here. Please check this section of the website for any future updates from Class Counsel regarding this lawsuit.

Documents Filed: (PDF Format)

Several pertinent documents regarding this class action are provided below for the information of class members. Any class member who wishes to know about the Kitec class action may also visit the website maintained by the Nevada District Court at http://courtgate.coca.co.clark.nv.us:8490 (click on "Civil Criminal Probate". On next screen, enter "A" in the second box, "493302" in the third box and click "View"). This website provides further information about the progress and procedural status of this case.